Respect, Protect, Connect, & Promote

It is that time of year again. School is almost out and businesses can look forward to receiving contributions from patrons and tourist. In these economic times this will be celebrated and welcomed. This past weekend I was fortunate enough to participate in this exchange of currency for entertainment, along with my two sister in-laws & my nephew.

We visited the Baltimore Aquarium and also saw their dolphin show. I found out that my nephew is not afraid of sharks even when nose to nose with them. Besides learning that, I was also educated about our enviroment.

 Several advertising techniques are presented at this venue. For example, after purchasing your tickets for admission you may want to quickly flip it over and read the National Aquariums statement about inspiring people to respect, and protect the environment. I would say the aquarium uses the hidden fear persuasive approach pretty responsibly. There were numerous occasions where I was given facts about animals that are on the endangered list, such as seals, dolphins, and sea turtles.

What puts this information into perspective is that many of these animals can be found in their natural habitats in Maryland. I say that the aquariums methods are responsible because although they are instilling fear, they are also attempting to educate the public about what is happening in the environment. Their views are supported by impartial scientific studies and research. Their views benefit the greater good of all mankind.

 I believe the National Aquarium and other institutions like it also indirectly depend on viral marketing, to advise friends to also visit, and to advocate on their behalf. The fact that I am currently blogging about my personal experience is reason enough to believe that they have at least been successful with the latter. If you are ever wondering what there is to do in the inner harbor take a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium.


About John Barr

Double Major Student @ Towson University
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