Games 2 Win, That Make Us LOSE.

Message to Mr. Alok Kejriwal,

Thirty Five. That’s the number of games on your homepage. Thirty two of which I feel are highly offensive. Your webpage G2W advertises online gaming for boys and girls. These online games perpetuate stereotypes. Even games that seem innocent such as Escape the Dentist features a kid that must act badly in order to elude the dentist. This is encouraging bad behavior and even rebellion.

These games are unsuitable for children. Young children are at risk of desensitization to sexuality. I found a short supply of positive images – either male or female. And when these images were found they were not as strong as the negative images.

As a society, there are certain things we have decided universally aren’t appropriate for kids – alcohol, cigarettes, pornography. This site is pushing the envelope.

Your website is extremely narrowed minded. I am reminded of Bruce Springsteen song 57 channels and nothing on. In his case he was referring to satellite television. In my case I am referring to the fact that you have over 100 flash games on your website that all show similar images in a slightly different package.

You have a game titled the “Perfect Date.” As an adult I would like to know what that is. This game is marketed totally towards girls. A young girl must dress a certain way and prepare a meal to satisfy her date. Make the wrong choices and you receive an undesirable response. Make the correct choice and your date appears on one knee. In short he tells you that he is impressed and that he loves you.

There is no ESRB for online games. Even if there was, the ESRB is not perfect. Movies, music, and video games, have all been restricted. I feel you are taking advantage of the internet which has not introduced safeguards yet. As a concerned individual I find your web page offensive. I urge you to stop these practices.

Very Respectfully,

John M Barr Jr.


About John Barr

Double Major Student @ Towson University
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