Consumer Education

Shopping may be a sport to females and just a hobby for guys but at some point in life everyone will make a purchase. Some of us are predisposed to spend less money calling ourselves thrifty, while others are fortunate enough to spend more living a luxurious lifestyle. Regardless of the way you spend your money everyone can agree that they want it to be worth while.

My personal opinion is that consumer report blogs are highly beneficial. They often give you real life accounts on what you can expect to receive from the object you purchased. With that being said not all blogs are cut from the same cloth.

For example, lets take a look at Engadget. Do you remember when you were a kid and instead of coloring inside of the lines you attempted to use every color in the box making the picture unrecognizable?

Well this website is only a stones throw away from that. With gaudy pictures and a home screen that will have you scrolling on for days, this page lacks a sophisticated layout.

Some blogs contain less than 200 words, much of the information seems to be tidbits from the New York Times and every now and then the blogger will insert a joke. The major upside to these blogs is that during the 30-minutes I visited the website, two blogs had been posted.

From one end of the spectrum we now travel to the opposite end and take a look at Consumer Report.

I’m not a stock broker so I do not bother to read the Wall Street Journal. The truth is that the Wall Street Journal contains information that is useful and relevant to everyone. So why don’t we read it?

I would say because it is boring, just like this website. All of the blogs are uniform in design. You load a page that features a white background and only one or two photos. What this page lacks in aesthetic it makes up for in content. It’s not pretty but it does get the job done.

So finally we come to what is a perfect marriage of content and context and we call it cnet. I am pleased with the literal and figurative color of the titles. With text that wraps around embedded images that appear on both sides of the blog, what more could a reader ask for? 

I believe that all three of these sites are unique and offer their audiences exactly what they want. In the end they all serve a similar purpose and that is to inform consumers making us smart buyers.

If I was planning on blogging beyond this course my target audience would be college students because I can easily relate to them. I would focus on gadgets and gizmos that affect us, making our terrible life as struggling college students more manageable.


About John Barr

Double Major Student @ Towson University
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