Modern Day West Coast Miami Vice…but Better

TNT does “Know Drama”. I tune into TNT every Tuesday night at 10 pm to watch Southland. This intense police drama takes us on a roller coaster ride from the Hills of Beverly to the numerous beaches that pepper the San Pedro Bay. We peek into the lives of criminals, victims, their families, and the Los Angles police force. Every week I am impressed with what I believe is the most realistic look into the world of law enforcement.

The Southland website is well-organized. Its home page loads almost instantly. The home page length is adequate and does not require a lot of scrolling. This makes it easier to scan the page instead of reading it. 

It features a slide show center screen, and is bordered by links to the left and advertisements to the right. The links are easily understandable and the advertisements subtly gain your attention but do not distract you from the web pages content. I appreciate the simplicity and clean page layout.

This shows website is pretty useful. The website features Drama vision. This part of the website contains riveting video clips that immediately gain your attention and stir up emotions inside of you.

The website also includes an episode guide, photo gallery, and an online game called Crime Wave. Once I was on the website I found myself exploring for a while. What made me stay? I believe this was partly because the website is so easy to navigate.

The website is relevant. By this I mean that it is not just a tool to advertise and promote the show but it is also an extension of the show. It connects viewers with producers allowing for feedback without spoiling upcoming episodes.

I will revisit the website in the future and this is because the information is up to date and most of all free!


About John Barr

Double Major Student @ Towson University
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