Or Not To Be used

It would be impracticable to not voluntarily consume media for two consecutive days in a five day school week. So to say it can be done entirely is nearly impossible. In my mind this is already prevalent information to all of us, so my goal so to speak was to limit my usage practically.

So the major behavioral changes to my schedule was that when I came home from class I did not turn the TV on, instead I slept. Each day when I woke up I would eat, and instead choosing something to microwave, I would cook something that took time to prepare.

So the first day I made a grilled chicken Cesar salad with Italian dressing and the second day I made Chicken & broccoli skillet which is a combination of grilled chicken Velveeta shells and broccoli.

Usually when I do cook I also blast my music. This time the music wasn’t playing but that didn’t stop me from rapping all the songs in my head and dancing around in the kitchen.

With the abundant amount of time I decided to do some reading for homework. This is usually another chance where I get to multi-task by listening to music. So choose to read Plato, which I don’t ever listen to music with because it is so confusing. Instead I read it out loud to myself.

Over this two day period I wrote two emails, made and answered one phone call, and made 25 text messages. The only music I listened to was during the three hours of TV I watched. The toughest part by far was giving up my cell phone which i was not able to do.

I actually felt restless both days. I felt like I had a lot more energy than normally but that could be because of the extra sleep or you could contribute it to the break of my normal activities. I believe the reason this was a difficult task is because humans are creatures of habits.

This assignment has already been but in to perspective for me. I spent my spring in Afghanistan, where mass media was not very accessible. At any given time there is 2 hr waiting limit to use a phone, computer, or gaming system.

More recently I lost my phone during our first snow back in December. It took about a week to get a new one sent to me. Once I did receive it I was in up-state NY where I don’t get service or don’t have access to the internet.

Media in our society is all-encompassing and I am glad this is over!


About John Barr

Double Major Student @ Towson University
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