Media: To Be used

I have a Motorola Cliq. This is a great phone. It is advertised as “the phone with social skills.”

It is pretty much a handheld computer with its touch screen and QWERTY keyboard that I use often. My average text messages sent and received are approximately 3380 a month which is just under 115 daily.

This does not included the picture messages or personal emails my phone is able to receive. It seems like they pop up just as fast as I am able to read, reply, and delete them. Much in the same way of the advertisements on cars, buildings, and video screens I see on my way down York road when I travel to and from school.

Of the 13hrs I spend in my apartment 6hrs is spent watching various programs on ESPN, TNN, CNN, TBS, MTV, HGTV. I watch highlights from the previous night on Sports Center, reruns of Law & Order, Ricks List’s & Anderson Cooper 360, The House of Payne, MTV Jams, Property Virgins & My First Place are all the regulars.

I usually don’t listen to music unless I am strictly using my laptop which I do for about 7 hrs. They do overlap when I am multi-tasking obviously. I try to play at least 1 game of madden (PS3) online, but if I lose horribly I attempt to redeem myself. This was not a problem because I won the first game each day I played.

 None of this data really jumps out at me. I’ve realized that I prefer a steady intake of something in any form whether it be, information, entertainment, physical activities, or social interactions. I guess the thing that I learned is that technology has advanced media. I think that my media habits show an increasing trend of digital involvement with the world around me.


About John Barr

Double Major Student @ Towson University
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